It has never been easier to connect with professionals and individuals within the music industry. Music Cred is the new way to connect and network with musicians, managers, producers, venues, and fans. Best part- it is all at your finger tips.

Music Cred believes Credibility is King. Create your profile and let the fun begin. Whether you are looking for a new sound or just want to stay current with upcoming events and talent, Music Cred allows you to do all this and more. As a member, you can connect and co-write a song with someone that is just up the street or thousands of miles away. Locating credible talent, creating bands/collaborations, and working with established venues is just a tap away using Music Cred. Fans choose their favorite talent and are able to learn about upcoming events at venues in town or all around the world. The more you advance your profile and connect with individuals, the more credible you become! After all, Credibility is King.

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