Listen to uninterrupted independent artists and songs hand-picked by your friends, family and virtual peers. Rumbleshine gives you a personalized unadvertised listening experience that continually evolves with your listening habits and settings.

With Rumblehsine, you can create playlists from your favorite artists, songs or genres, search or browse to find recommended playlists, and discover new music. Stay up to date on the most recent top charts and releases. From hiphop to pop and country, play your favorite artists and get this weeks’ top hits and chart toppers. Start streaming all of your own personalized music and popular playlists. Take Rumblehsine with you wherever you go and enjoy your own personalized music experience from anywhere with the most powerful independent music discovery platform in the world.

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    Sony Music, Inc.

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    Creative Services

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    Mobile Application
    Content Management System
    Cloud Services